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Plánovaná štěnátka/ Planned litters

Datum Kryti : 15/16 září 2016

Matka/Dam : Matyella Baby Twinkle ( chs. Twinx'n'us, majitel Rybenská Jiřina )

Otec/ Sire : Albert Sněhový Zázrak ( Silver-Beauty, majitel Zemánková Zdenka )


17/11/2016 se nám narodila štěňátka!!! 3 holčičky a 3 kluci! Moc gratulujeme mamince Twinx a tatínkovi Bertikovi!!

Our puppies were born on 17/11/2016. We have three girls and three boys. Congratulations to our brave mother Twinx and father Bertik!!


Pro fotografie a průběžně info, prosim navštivte naši facebook stránku Ina Rybenska

For pictures and day to day information, please visit our facebook website Ina Rybenska


​All puppies are in their new homes appart for our yellow girl,who have returned to us (because her new family was having some personl issues including having have to move into a rented property,... all in all a very uncertain future ) on the 31.01.2017 and is waiting for her forever home. We hope to have a better hand in choosing her new people!!!!